Best around the World Cruise Travel

If you want to surf the world on an around the world cruise you do not need to go all around the market and search for the best here you will get to know about one of the best around the world cruises that is Cunard line.. Cunard Cruise line is one of the best in its field and everyone who knows a bit about sailing knows about Cunard Cruise line. It is just like you have never gone to see but still you know about Titanic or any book reader has never read about Leonardo di Capri but still surely knows its name.

Nowadays Cunard Cruise contour still cruise the sea but is owned by Carnival Corporation and includes only two dynamic ships, the Princess Mary II and the Princess Victoria. It does not matter that only two ships are active but Cunard Cruise line is the best among the around the world cruises. It is also planned to manufacture a 3rd ship by the name Queen Victoria 2 but it is only a plan yet.

No – one that has heard the story of Titanic can forget it. The brand was the only of its type but after the sinking of Titanic all its glory was lost and it was not considered to be one of the best around the world cruises. When the word, unsinkable, was attached to Cunard Line’s Titanic may its fate was changed and it sunk into the watery graveyard.

But Cunard Lines is still in operation regardless of the history and no doubt is the best around the world cruise. On a website of cruise line, in the list of best around the world cruises is written “White Star Service” that surely means that Cunard has lost its fame but not the quality. Still if you want the best you can sail on Cunard Lines.

You get everything on Cunard line as you get on other around the world cruises but still it has something else a better staff a class that you wish to have on around the world cruises. Here you can find a casino, a grocery store, a gym, a pool, a tennis court and a whole new world. You can easily spend your time on around the world cruises and when it comes to choice you can choose Cunard Cruise line. And maybe you get used to it and start your business on the World cruise. It is also a good place to pass your summer vacations on a world cruise and to watch new aspects of the whole world in your vacations and in bonus meeting the people of these countries and knowing about them.

Why New York is the Best Place to Live

New York has always been the dream city that every town punk wants to make it to. Some stay nobody, where others make it to the screen. It is called Big Apple for the reason that it is an opportunistic city and offers more of a diverse future than any other whopper towns in U.S. With the growing population and more and more people moving out of small towns to commit to their impending potential and do something with it. More than 200 million people live in NYC, majority of them to make bigger bucks and New York receives them all with a warm heart. That’s the thing about New York, the city has so much prospect that one gate closes another opens. Which means if you are not good at one thing you must be at another. That’s why New York is a great place to look forward to.

The city is bustling with people any time of the day! Say four o’ clock in the morning and there still must be someone on the streets. The great thing about it is that you never feel alone, you are always surrounded with associates, strangers, family, cousins or the guy you saw at your launderer’s in NYC. There are a lot of new-bees that may have moved-in just now, much like yourself which is why it is really easy to make friends. Because, who understands each other better than two strangers with the same pain in a strange land.

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens there are a lot of choices. New York is good with providing a lot of choices. There is an array of jobs, food junctions and apartments to select the best from. That’s called convenience! When you see convenience somewhere you take advantage of it, let it do for you as much as it can. You can do whatever’s left to do. For instance, most of the daily chores are a burden, they weigh you down and consume large parts of your important time. For a new person in a whole “New” world you need to plan it out, find a job, stay busy even. The house chores afflict your activeness which is why you don’t have to do them. There are launderers at every block in New York so there is no need to wash your clothes. There are food joints everywhere so you don’t have to grocery shop anymore or cook, most of the food is cheap and tasty so keep it coming. You don’t need a car to survive NYC, there are Ubers that reach you within a click and there is the subway that takes you everywhere you need to go. So save your energy because there is a lot to walk too.

Walk, run, adapt. Repeat. Life in New York is not that hard once you are past the first few months. It gets better with time and much more easily, you just have to pass the struggling stage with patience. New Yorkers just don’t have any patience.  New York teaches you to adapt to its ultra-modern and busy lifestyle, it will vary to a whole new degree from your previous life but you learn in almost no time. You get used to be disappointed sometimes and you get used to appreciating little things. You somewhat become like a part of your parents that you never wanted to be and for the better too.

Last but not the least, you can simply never get bored in New York. The city is thick with nightclubs, bars and every contemporary cheaply bought luxury. The city treats you well.


Located on the Eastern side of the Asian continent, Philippines is a hosting ground to over seven thousand Islands inhabited by so many indigenous tribes and friendly locals. From marvelous natural wonders and interesting historical sites to pristine beaches and good lifetime experiences, Philippines is packed with many superb things to do and view.


This place is certified as a beautified nature sanctuary because of its handiwork in terms of its mother’s nature. The island brags of its natural resources with the pristine and unexploited condition of prehistoric caves, stunning beaches, and majestic mountains. Marine life is still abundant because of the efforts of the locals to protect it from commercialism and exploitation. Palawan’s water resources qualify to be called world-class regarding quality, fishing, and diving due to water sports. Great places of interest include El Nido, Tubattaha Reef, Honda Bay and also Underground River.


There are many known attractions since it is the capital city of the Philippines. The ancient city of Intramuros contains a wide range of restaurants, museums, and shops together with Fort Santiago which was previously a Garrison and Spanish Port. There are also other popular tourist venues like Modern Oceanarium, Manila Ocean Park, and Malacanang Palace, an 18th– century structure which is the official residence of the president.


Despite the fact that Boracay is a small Island, it packs Massive features like beautiful resorts, award winning-beaches and also adventures like parasailing, horse riding, kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, motorbiking and cliff diving. Apart from that, boat tours give an opportunity to the visitors to watch volcanic caves, explore remote coves with turquoise lagoons and stunning sunsets. During the evening, the nightlife in Boracay pulsates many restaurants and bars which serve a variety of food, drink, and fun until the breaking of the dawn.


A large number of visitors come to Bohol to admire its awesome chocolate hills, sandy beaches, and Spanish Colonial architecture. These iconic chocolate hills have some unusual geological formations consisting of about one thousand two hundred individual mounds which are scattered throughout the island in Bohol. They are symmetrical with same size formations ranging from 98 to 160 feet high with a green grass as its vegetation.

Tagaytay City

This tourist location is popular with nearly all Filipino families and those who come from all over the world. There is a volcanic island that is located at the center of Lake Taal and is considered to be one of major tourist attraction in Tagaytay City.

3 must visit places in California

California in the United States is truly one of the most remarkable places to live on this planet. This State shares border with many states and is ranked as one of the top places to live and study in the California. You may have heard of the University of California which is ranked as one of the top universities of the world. This article is not about the places to study in California though, but the best places to visit in the whole state of California. It is really fun if you are visiting this State for the first time and really looking forward to spending nice vacations in this state. California is a large coastal state that has long plains, huge mountains and many other entertainment activities that none of the State offers. Below is the list of top places to visit in the State of California.

1 – Disney Land

Who have never heard of this place? Made by Walt Disney and his associates, Disney Land is one of the top visited sites and places to get entertainment in the world and is visited by millions of travelers each year. The places is very unique and always filled with visitors. If you are lucky you may get a chance to meet and greet top actors from the Globe. The list of visiting actors and actresses is updated regularly on their website. All in all, it will be a shame if you miss this most amazing place on this planet.

2 – Golden Gate Bridge

This iconic bridge is made of top class material and constructed well with a one-mile wide distance that goes from top of the Pacific Ocean and is in San Francisco. This place is commonly used to travel and view the sunset and sunrise on the go. Thousands of cars go through this place each day and there is a side walk on the bridge which is always populated with early risers and great people. If you love cycling, then you can rent a bicycle from the nearby market and can experience the cycle ride of a lifetime at this place.

3 – Silicon Valley

Who have never heard of this place before? I guess no one. This place is very unique as it has a great natural beauty surrounding it with amazing flora and fauna. The place is home to the head offices of Google, Intel as well as the social media giant Facebook. Not visiting this place while in California is like getting near the most professional businessman of the world and not getting near their creations. You can take a day visit to Google’s head office which is a remarkable complex and you can easily enjoy all day. If you get bored, then you can visit the Facebook headquarter nearby. It is one of the most remarkable creations ever and the physique of its building is unique and has an out-class design.

Top Places to Visit in Tanzania

Home to the greatest wilderness safari in Eastern Africa, Tanzania is the back woods mecca. It inhabits some of the most celebrated national parks of the world that the rarest of animals dwell in. Besides being the hub focal point of the “big five” beautiful beasts, Tanzania’s offshores have plenty of eye-candy in the form of marine parks and exotic Arabic beaches. There are thousands of historical World Heritage Sites that endure in Tanzania and whoever is not interested in ancient paraphernalia or voodoo relics would just absolutely love catching the elephants and hippos swimming in lakes.

  • Serengeti

The Serengeti National Park is a massive land of treeless savannah with god knows how many beasts residing and looking for a feast. Where there are a hundred national parks in Tanzania, Serengeti is no doubt the largest drawing thousands, even millions of tourists every year. Though the park is a sight for sore eyes all year, people visit Serengeti in the seasons they would love to explore the most. March to May are the torrential rain seasons whereas, June to October are quite chilly however, the most beautiful season is in initial May or June when you get to see the zebras and other fauna migrating.


  • Mount Kilimanjaro

Situated amongst another wonderfully renowned national park lies the Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania. Other than being the most repeatedly visited Tanzanian fascination, the mountain is also Africa’s loftiest peak. Surprisingly enough the Kilimanjaro National Park, though visited for its own wonders is more frequently visited to simply admire the frost-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro while, many expeditioners also love to hike or hill-walk. It is a World Heritage Site that materialized naturally with the help of volcanic eruptions that took place in the ice age. From the elevated farmlands to slumping rainforests to alpine grazing land and stellar landscapes the place is thick with splendor.


  • Tropical Islands

A brilliant way to soak underneath the warm and jovial sun is to bathe on the buoyant beaches offshore Tanzania. The extensive Zanzibar islands dipped in a Swahili and Arabic cultural mix have some of the unsurpassed beaches in the world, great for cooling of the African heat. Their titled surfs that vary from every angle you watch are what they are known for. Then there are the Mafia and Pemba archipelagos that are a whole new level of environmental and geographical wonder. Treasured for snorkeling, rollerblading, scuba diving, colorful marine life, coral orchards and unquestionably cerulean waters the tropical islands of Tanzania are filled with awe.


  • Ngorongoro

Sedentary between the illustrious Lake Manyara and Serengeti is the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Grazing land for the wandering Masaai tribe and probably one of the most widespread wildlife screening areas in Africa. It is also home to the massive volcanic Ngorongoro Crater that attracts all kinds of beasts due to its naturally flowing infinite supply of water especially the big 5 (the rhinos, lions, elephants, leopards and buffalos). The Olduvai Gorge is also a striking paleoanthropological site of Tanzania in Ngorongoro that further enhanced the knowledge of primeval mankind through the intriguing skulls and bone wreckages found. A most interesting site to visit due to its superb animal-watching, historical importance and of course it being a UNESCO site which is reason enough.