3 must visit places in California

California in the United States is truly one of the most remarkable places to live on this planet. This State shares border with many states and is ranked as one of the top places to live and study in the California. You may have heard of the University of California which is ranked as one of the top universities of the world. This article is not about the places to study in California though, but the best places to visit in the whole state of California. It is really fun if you are visiting this State for the first time and really looking forward to spending nice vacations in this state. California is a large coastal state that has long plains, huge mountains and many other entertainment activities that none of the State offers. Below is the list of top places to visit in the State of California.

1 – Disney Land

Who have never heard of this place? Made by Walt Disney and his associates, Disney Land is one of the top visited sites and places to get entertainment in the world and is visited by millions of travelers each year. The places is very unique and always filled with visitors. If you are lucky you may get a chance to meet and greet top actors from the Globe. The list of visiting actors and actresses is updated regularly on their website. All in all, it will be a shame if you miss this most amazing place on this planet.

2 – Golden Gate Bridge

This iconic bridge is made of top class material and constructed well with a one-mile wide distance that goes from top of the Pacific Ocean and is in San Francisco. This place is commonly used to travel and view the sunset and sunrise on the go. Thousands of cars go through this place each day and there is a side walk on the bridge which is always populated with early risers and great people. If you love cycling, then you can rent a bicycle from the nearby market and can experience the cycle ride of a lifetime at this place.

3 – Silicon Valley

Who have never heard of this place before? I guess no one. This place is very unique as it has a great natural beauty surrounding it with amazing flora and fauna. The place is home to the head offices of Google, Intel as well as the social media giant Facebook. Not visiting this place while in California is like getting near the most professional businessman of the world and not getting near their creations. You can take a day visit to Google’s head office which is a remarkable complex and you can easily enjoy all day. If you get bored, then you can visit the Facebook headquarter nearby. It is one of the most remarkable creations ever and the physique of its building is unique and has an out-class design.

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