Iceland Travel and Real Estate

Iceland Travel and Real Estate Investing

Iceland is one of the Scandinavian Islands, also called the Nordic Island nation, where the history of Vikings is preserved in a beautiful way. Iceland is situated in the North of the Atlantic and shared a sea route to Denmark and Norway. People living in Iceland are very gentle and the 400,000 population encourages tourism and are very helpful to the tourists. Although there are many spots and cities to travel in Iceland and buy real estate, but we are going to share the best top locations in Iceland with you. One of the best realtors in Arizona, Tom Speaks has contributed his vast knowledge of buying and selling investment properties and homes for this article. He is a professional real estate agent in Chandler AZ and has bought and sold properties all over the world. His take on buying real estate in Iceland has proven to be unique and insightful. So visit this site for more unique real estate tips and tricks for investing in Iceland. He has also shown many realtors how best to use social media to show their clients how beautiful this area is. He steers his clients and others to the site we just mentioned often as a great resource for buying and selling real estate.

He comments that the difference between his home in Chandler AZ and Iceland is about as different as it can get. Desert heat and ancient frozen ice is like night and day. No wonder he recommends to his local real estate clients that if you want a really different experience from Arizona then Iceland fits that want.

Many people do not think of Iceland as a travel destination and even more so as a place to buy real estate, but after you check out the information below on how unique the area is and the astonishing things it has to offer we think you may have a change of heart. Much of the following information comes from first hand travel experiences and doing real estate deals in Iceland. It is a special place where fire meets ice and the sky can show some fantastic views at night. And, there is a lot of night this far north.

Gulfoss Waterfall

This waterfall is one of the most visited and top places that are frequently visited by tourists in the world. The waterfall shows a great stream and looks extremely wonderful in summers when the ice melts from the mountains and water flow fastens it way down to the ocean. It is in the Canyon and one can only visit it on foot as there are no rails and roads to visit this place. It is not a difficult trail and once you reach there you will forget all the troubles of this world. Livng and hotel accommodations are not far. This is by far a great place to see. Do not come to Iceland and miss this location.


This one of the tallest infrastructure in the world is situated in the capital of Island, Reykjavík. It has a beautiful landscape and was created by a great architect who got inspired by a beautiful place in Iceland called The Black Falls, one of the most beautiful scenery in all of the Scandinavian Nations. The building is so scenic that you may gaze it for hours and hours. People are a bit surprised at the scope of this type of real estate and architecture. Most people around the world know very little about properties in Iceland and this is a great example of how sophisticated it actually is. So, famous architects have design beautiful real estate in Iceland that marries art from the beautiful surroundings and modern real estate construction ideas and processes. This is a must see for any serious traveler and investor.

Aurora Borealis

These green lights are so mysterious  and natural that you will forget every problem of this world and will drop your jaws, glancing these bright lights for hours. They are completely natural and occur due to global magnetic fields and the suns output. People from all around the world come to visit this remote place and camp all night, sometimes two nights, to take the pleasure of this exciting beauty. It is one reason some have bought homes here. Seeing these is worth it to them to have a permanent place in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon

Have you always wanted the visit blue colored water like in the Bahamas? Well, here’s your time now! You can take a swim in one of the cleanest waters around and can snap amazing pictures at this romantic place. Since there is so much geothermal activity in Iceland there is an abundance of hot springs and heat sources to enjoy. But, you must be willing to brave the cold while you get into these warm respites from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and even more when you get out of the hot spring. Many real estate properties people can find in Iceland will have hot springs nearby. This makes for a great quality of life. Nothing is so dramatic as watching the northern lights form a natural hot spring and then sleeping in your own bed when you get home!

Real Estate Nearby

These four places are some of the most visited in this Icelandic Nation. You can also visit the Landmannalaugar, Skaftafell Ice cave and a lot more, but nothing of these places compares to these 4 listed wonderful places. Should you want to invest in a home or a rental property in Iceland there are many possibilities at hand. The real estate market is open and homes are available at reasonable prices. Since Iceland is not a top travel destination area, yet, the timing for investing in real estate there is still good.

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