Why New York is the Best Place to Live

New York has always been the dream city that every town punk wants to make it to. Some stay nobody, where others make it to the screen. It is called Big Apple for the reason that it is an opportunistic city and offers more of a diverse future than any other whopper towns in U.S. With the growing population and more and more people moving out of small towns to commit to their impending potential and do something with it. More than 200 million people live in NYC, majority of them to make bigger bucks and New York receives them all with a warm heart. That’s the thing about New York, the city has so much prospect that one gate closes another opens. Which means if you are not good at one thing you must be at another. That’s why New York is a great place to look forward to.

The city is bustling with people any time of the day! Say four o’ clock in the morning and there still must be someone on the streets. The great thing about it is that you never feel alone, you are always surrounded with associates, strangers, family, cousins or the guy you saw at your launderer’s in NYC. There are a lot of new-bees that may have moved-in just now, much like yourself which is why it is really easy to make friends. Because, who understands each other better than two strangers with the same pain in a strange land.

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens there are a lot of choices. New York is good with providing a lot of choices. There is an array of jobs, food junctions and apartments to select the best from. That’s called convenience! When you see convenience somewhere you take advantage of it, let it do for you as much as it can. You can do whatever’s left to do. For instance, most of the daily chores are a burden, they weigh you down and consume large parts of your important time. For a new person in a whole “New” world you need to plan it out, find a job, stay busy even. The house chores afflict your activeness which is why you don’t have to do them. There are launderers at every block in New York so there is no need to wash your clothes. There are food joints everywhere so you don’t have to grocery shop anymore or cook, most of the food is cheap and tasty so keep it coming. You don’t need a car to survive NYC, there are Ubers that reach you within a click and there is the subway that takes you everywhere you need to go. So save your energy because there is a lot to walk too.

Walk, run, adapt. Repeat. Life in New York is not that hard once you are past the first few months. It gets better with time and much more easily, you just have to pass the struggling stage with patience. New Yorkers just don’t have any patience.  New York teaches you to adapt to its ultra-modern and busy lifestyle, it will vary to a whole new degree from your previous life but you learn in almost no time. You get used to be disappointed sometimes and you get used to appreciating little things. You somewhat become like a part of your parents that you never wanted to be and for the better too.

Last but not the least, you can simply never get bored in New York. The city is thick with nightclubs, bars and every contemporary cheaply bought luxury. The city treats you well.

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