Located on the Eastern side of the Asian continent, Philippines is a hosting ground to over seven thousand Islands inhabited by so many indigenous tribes and friendly locals. From marvelous natural wonders and interesting historical sites to pristine beaches and good lifetime experiences, Philippines is packed with many superb things to do and view.


This place is certified as a beautified nature sanctuary because of its handiwork in terms of its mother’s nature. The island brags of its natural resources with the pristine and unexploited condition of prehistoric caves, stunning beaches, and majestic mountains. Marine life is still abundant because of the efforts of the locals to protect it from commercialism and exploitation. Palawan’s water resources qualify to be called world-class regarding quality, fishing, and diving due to water sports. Great places of interest include El Nido, Tubattaha Reef, Honda Bay and also Underground River.


There are many known attractions since it is the capital city of the Philippines. The ancient city of Intramuros contains a wide range of restaurants, museums, and shops together with Fort Santiago which was previously a Garrison and Spanish Port. There are also other popular tourist venues like Modern Oceanarium, Manila Ocean Park, and Malacanang Palace, an 18th– century structure which is the official residence of the president.


Despite the fact that Boracay is a small Island, it packs Massive features like beautiful resorts, award winning-beaches and also adventures like parasailing, horse riding, kite surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, motorbiking and cliff diving. Apart from that, boat tours give an opportunity to the visitors to watch volcanic caves, explore remote coves with turquoise lagoons and stunning sunsets. During the evening, the nightlife in Boracay pulsates many restaurants and bars which serve a variety of food, drink, and fun until the breaking of the dawn.


A large number of visitors come to Bohol to admire its awesome chocolate hills, sandy beaches, and Spanish Colonial architecture. These iconic chocolate hills have some unusual geological formations consisting of about one thousand two hundred individual mounds which are scattered throughout the island in Bohol. They are symmetrical with same size formations ranging from 98 to 160 feet high with a green grass as its vegetation.

Tagaytay City

This tourist location is popular with nearly all Filipino families and those who come from all over the world. There is a volcanic island that is located at the center of Lake Taal and is considered to be one of major tourist attraction in Tagaytay City.

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